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SmartLauncher 2.2.0

SmartLauncher 2.2.0

SmartLauncher Publisher's Description

SmartLauncher is a new application launcher.

Launch up to 216 applications in an intuitive and highly customisable way using only the 6 hardware buttons of your PalmOS(R) powered device.

Version History:
15MAR04: Version 2.2.0 new features:
  • Fixes some bugs incl. a fatal error in the Setup application.
  • support for PalmOne 5-Way-Navigator.
  • support for PalmOne Voice-Recorder-Button (acts as a "back" button).
  • support for Treo Rocker Switch.
03JUL03: Version 2.1.0 new features:
  • support for Sony Clie High Resolution and PalmOS 5 High Density displays (hi-res bitmaps & fonts)
11NOV02: Version 2.0.0 new features:
  • smartLauncher now also launches applications on (VFS) expansion cards
  • Shortcuts enable launching applications by pressing/entering alphabetical key on keyboard/Graffiti
  • includes new version 2.0.0 of SmartLauncherSetup
01JUL02: Version 1.5.0 new features:
  • PalmOS 5 Support: smartLauncher now runs on Palm OS 5 Simulator
  • fixes several (minor) bugs
  • includes new version 1.3.0 of SmartLauncherSetup (also tested on Palm OS 5 Simulator)
10APR02: Version 1.4.0 new features:
  • added "Back One Level" Mode: allows one of the hardware keys to be used to go back one level in the smartLauncher group hierarchy (or back to the main PalmOS launcher if currently on the topmost level)
  • includes new version 1.2.0 of SmartLauncherSetup which allows setting up the new Mode

19MAR02: Version 1.3.0 new features:
  • Improved directAccess support.
  • Manual cycling now skips buttons assigned to "Do Nothing".
  • Detailed Manual in Acrobat Reader (pdf) format.

26FEB02: Version 1.2.0 new features:
  • added Set Preference Mode (allows direct access to any "Preferences" panel installed on the device)
  • added Toggle Backlight Mode
  • added Power off and Lock Mode
  • added Graffiti Help Mode (allows direct acces to any of the 6 Graffiti Help Screens)
  • includes new version 1.1.0 of SmartLauncherSetup which allows setting up new Modes.
  • SmartLauncherSetup 1.1.0 now includes an "Edit" menu which allows copying and pasting (for Group Names)
20FEB02: Version 1.1.0 new features:
  • added manual cycling
  • screen icons can now be tapped to select groups or launch apps
  • added smartLauncher directAccess "proxy" applications
  • added Sony Clie and Handera JogDial support
12FEB02: Version 1.0.0 released

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